About the Creator

Katherine White is the creator of EQ Kids, and a co-owner of a family services business. She is a certified instructor for commissioned national trainings including Mental Health First Aid (Basic), and Assessing Suicide in Kids (ASK) workshop. She is a children's book author and illustrator. 

She is a social worker, with a Bachelor of Arts (psychology), a Bachelor of Social Work, and a Masters of Education in Curriculum & Instruction. She's a mom & step mom, military partner, fur-mom, artist, sister, step-sister, daughter, child of divorce, children's emotional health advocate & violence prevention advocate. She is passionate about diverse spaces, emotionally healthy childhoods, parenting, and in the big picture, social progress.

EQ Kids - Early Years Emotional Intelligence Education is Mental Health prevention...

We have created this space to make EQ easy to bring into your world! Whether you are a parent, teacher, early childhood educator, nanny or therapist, or student, these resources are for you. 

EQ Kids is the home of ABC Emotions! 

ABC Emotions teaches children to recognize and express their emotions, which are the foundations of emotional literacy and emotional intelligence. While exploring, children will gain valuable insights, and will demonstrate a widened vocabulary about their feelings, helping them to express and manage their emotions throughout life.

An essential book for every preschool and elementary classroom, and an amazing resource for all parents and caregivers!

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What is EQ?

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a set of skills that supports children in lead emotionally intelligent lives. High EQ is said to enhance quality of life in many ways, including the development of meaningful relationships, increased school performance, career progression, stress management, goal setting and achievement,  the prevention of significant health issues (heart disease, chronic fatigue, diabetes, obesity) & emotional health problems (depression, anxiety, eating disorders, addictions) later in life. Yes, we can absolutely prevent a lot of this by starting early in building happy, healthy kids! EQ Kids is dedicated to creating healthier futures for all. As you can see, the benefits of EQ for kids (and adults) are plenty...

On this website, you'll find books we've published, activities we've created, and curated lists of toys, games, and books to promote EQ in your space.