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Click through to find toys, games & other products that promote Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in childhood.

PLAY is the best way to teach emotional intelligence (EQ) to children, simply because it's the most natural form of learning for children.  Play is an amazing way to learn social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills. We've listed products that are intentionally designed to promote emotional intelligence. Click through each category to start exploring products that are intentionally designed for EQ development. 

Many everyday children's products already teach emotional intelligence. They don't need to be designed for EQ to teach EQ. Any book, TV show, or life experience can be used to teach emotional intelligence - opportunity is everywhere!

Simple questions like "how does that person feel?"," how does that make you feel?", and "what makes you feel  happy/sad?" are great prompts to get children thinking about the internal life of themselves and others.  Learn more by clicking here, where we discuss more ways to incorporate EQ into everyday life.