EQ Kids Standard is an

indicator that tells you

when a toy, game or book

supports the development of
Emotional Intelligence 
for children. 

The EQ Kids Standard is a process where toys, games, and books are reviewed and promoted for their ability to support the development of  Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in children. This helps you decide which toys are best for your kids (it’s similar to how Simply For Life identifies which menu items promote healthy eating...) Our standards are created my children’s emotional health experts such as counsellors, teachers, social workers, and psychologists, so you can trust that you are making informed decisions for the children in your life. 

Lots of toy makers, game makers and authors/illustrators work towards this same mission already! EQ Kids enables each creator to join forces and benefit from a platform & community of like-minded creators. EQ Kids platform is already a “go-to” for parents, teachers and counsellors, and is also a “go to” for our community of invested helpers!


Do you want your product reviewed by EQ Kids, and promoted on our page? 
Simply email: eqkids@hotmail.com and we'll get things started!


When a product is approved, it is automatically added to our online platform of EQ Kids Approved Toys! This is where all of our approved products go, where parents already go to learn about EQ, and choose the best products for their kids. The EQ approval makes the purchase easy for any parent, because we all want the same thing: happy, healthy kids!