5 NO FRILLS Activities That Promote EQ

5 No Frills Activities that Promote EQ

Incorporating EQ into your children’s lives doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are 5 NO FRILLS activities that promote EQ in kids:

1) Mirror Play: Make different facial expressions in the mirror together. Ask questions like “can you make a grumpy face?” or “what does your sad face look like?” Another way to make this one fun and engaging is to use your selfie camera on your phone/tablet. Take a photo of each face and look back through the photos and see if they can remember which emotion they were expressing.

These activities familiarize children with the different emotions and the language we use to explain them. Seeing their own face will help them recognize what it looks like and feels like to make certain faces. This is helpful for when they really need it – in the middle of a big emotion!

Join the fun! Show them what your emotion faces look like, too. This lets them begin thinking about others’ emotions…

2) Story time: When you read a story to children (any story), make a point to notice the emotions of the characters. Ask “what is she feeling now?” or “what does her expression tell you?” If you’re reading to a few children, invite them to raise their hands when they see someone who looks happy/sad/angry.

This activity encourages them to interpret facial expressions, social situations, and cause/effect relationship of certain events (getting a boo-boo) with an emotion (sadness/frustration). It encourages them to interpret beyond the words and pictures.

3) Drawing: There are so many options with this one!

Invite them to draw a happy face/mad face/silly face.

Invite children to decide what color an emotion would be (“What color would “anger” be? What about sadness?”)

Print off some coloring pages and simply color them in (I’ve got a few here: https://www.eqkids.online/activities or there are emoji printables, too). OR invite them to draw/paint a picture of a time when they felt happy/sad/mad, etc.

4) Play-doh: Invite children to make a face out of play-doh, that shows a certain emotion (example here: https://www.eqkids.online/product-page/play-doh-mats-coloring-pages). You can double this up with shapes by inviting them to make a sad triangle, or a mad square (see an example here: https://www.eqkids.online/product-page/shaped-emotions-coloring-page)

5) Emojis: Your kids will thank me for this one:

Offer them a few (supervised) minutes of screen time by opening up a note on your phone’s note pad, and encourage them to explore the emojis. Ask them to find the angry/sad/happy emoji. Ask them to find something that makes them happy (teddy), worried (lightening bolt) or sad (broken heart emoji).

All of these activities encourage children to talk about their emotions. It tells them that you are someone they can talk to about their feelings. The best thing about all of these activities is that they don’t require much planning or supplies. There’s no fancy program or expensive toy you need to purchase, just regular everyday things!

Did you try any of these? Take a picture and tag me on Instagram or Facebook! @eqkidsonline



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