Pets & Mental Health

Pinterest has seen a huge increase in pet-related searches over the quarantine. Coincidence? I think not! Pets provide comfort, affection and companionship! Furry friends are an amazing way to take care of our emotional selves (for kids and adults alike!) Even I’ll admit, I look up YouTube videos of cute kittens when I’m grumpy. Not only to they do silly things that make me laugh, but they also bring me back to earth from my emotion-induced fog.

A little tidbit: the search that increased by a whopping 96% was “how to convince parents to get a dog” 😂 this tells me 2 things: 1) Kids are using tech to their advantage 😅 and 2) Our kids are feeling lonely... pets can help (even videos and photos of pets, if you’re unable to have one in your home 🥰)

Do you benefit from the love of a furry friend?

Snuggle up! xoxo

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