Welcome to EQ Kids!

Welcome to EQ Kids! I’m so excited to have you here. This website has been a dream of mine for some time, and I’m so thrilled it’s finally come together! I hope you’re excited, too.

So you might be wondering, why did I decide to build EQ Kids?

EQ Kids - Building Happy, Healthy Kids!

Well, I actually came to the same conclusion over and over again, over a span of about 14 years. As a psychology student, as a family support worker, as a violence prevention program coordinator, as a mental health clinician, and as a trainer and owner of a family based business, I learned that PREVENTION is the best way to build healthy, happy communities! In all the capacities I worked, I was an interventionist – helping out once the child/family had already encountered some really tough stuff. I really enjoy this work, but I think we can also offer prevention solutions at the same time (not in replacement of) as intervention services, to reduce the impact of struggles and adversity, or, to prevent the adversities from impacting us much at all. If we start young (very young, I’m talkin’ infants!), and build up a generation of resilient kids and parents, then holy cow, so many of our current daily struggles could disappear!

I’ve read the research, and the programs that exist are phenomenal, and are making huge differences in the light of prevention. Since these programs exist, my goal is to provide everyday solutions, through the ways children & families already interact with the world – through toys, books, games, education, and more. I want to create opportunities for EQ to be incorporated EASILY into everyday life!

I’m so excited about the is adventure – are you? Maybe you’re a student, a teacher, a helper in any way, and you see the merit in prevention and EQ for kids, too. Join me! Let’s create & collaborate and build this strong community we know can exist! And guess what? Most of the potential is already there 😉 (we just have to find ways to let it shine). Comment or email me at eqkids@hotmail.com to chat more!

So much love & friendship,


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