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Coloring is such a familiar activity for children, so offering them these EQ coloring sheets is a simple way to introduce emotional literacy to children. By coloring them, they are learning about the facial expressions that accompany various emotions, they are considering what the emotion feels like, and perhaps reflecting on times when they felt that emotion. These sheets provide them with a signal that they can talk to you about emotions - and it opens conversations about emotions. Research shows us that this is KEY for prevention of future mental health illnesses, and many other health related issues. To this child, you become an ally, a safe person, where emotions and mental health are discussed as commonly as a scraped knee or a bump on the head. 

We all have emotions, we can teach children how to manage them from an early age, to increase their quality of life and their future successes. It's never too early to begin teaching emotional intelligence! 

Coloring Sheet - Scared