Toys that support emotional development

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Mega Bloks® Building Basics Build & Learn Emotions

Your little builder will be all smiles when they match and stack these big, easy-to-grip building blocks with colorful decoration to build and learn different emotions! 

Fisher Price Fun Feelings Monster

With the Fisher-Price Fun Feelings Monster, babies discover how different feelings look & sound…and learn that they can change quickly! When babies bat at their monster friend's roller face, he'll express three common feelings (happy, sad and surprised) with fun sounds that help little ones more fully understand the mood.

Feelings Notebook and Feelings Crayons
The Moodsters Feelings Notebook & Feelings Crayon Set is a new tool to help children express what they are feeling through creative play. The Set consists of five jumbo Feelings Crayons, each representing a different emotion (happy, sad, loving, angry, and afraid), and an accompanying 50-page Feelings Notebook in which kids can draw and color their feelings. The Notebook also offers a unique Moodster strategy for handling each key emotion.

Hape Eggspressions Wooden Learning Toy with Illustrative Book

Happy, angry, scared, shy. Many young children have trouble expressing their emotions, which can lead to frustration and tantrums. Helps kids understand these common emotions: afraid, angry, excited, happy, sad, and shy. Great for young kids with limited vocabulary and nonverbal children with special needs. 

Fisher Price Totem Pole Pals
The artfully crafted Totem Pole Pals, from the Fisher-Price Wooden Toys collection, are made with real beech wood and designed to be equally beneficial, eye-catching, and engaging. Each wooden piece features different faces and expressions, along with bristles that allow for easy connection to the other pieces in the set.

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Guidecraft Better Builders Emotions Magnetic FiguresBetter Builders Emotions feature the magnetic fun of the original ball and rod construction toy, but assembled as 6 dramatic play characters. The faces express 6 distinct emotions to which children can relate: happy, sad, angry, surprised, confused, and scared. The ability to recognize and understand these emotions and their association with colors provides invaluable depth to everyday play.